About Us

CrossFit Survival is now Interactive Fitness Systems


Interactive Fitness Systems (IAFS) was founded in 2016 with the goal of empowering health and fitness professionals with the ability to help clients improve their well-being and imbue them with the knowledge to better their own fitness, their interactions with others, and in turn to help others improve themselves. Our mission is to create a better society one individual at a time.

IAFS is dedicated to developing open source/access, collaborative, and low/no cost fitness development systems. Part of our goal is to draw a deeper connection between virtual systems (spreadsheets, websites, apps, etc.) and physical fitness in order to create an integrated and modern fitness system which is broad, encompassing, well organized, and unparalleled by any other modern system by virtue of its collaborative and service oriented nature. We offer in-person group coaching, personal training, personalized programming, small group training, CrossFit team coaching, and remote coaching.

IAFS as a business model is based on the principles of individual autonomy, free association, mutuality, and confederation, as laid out in the mission statement of Interactive Systems (IAS). Our goal is to not only improve the fitness and health of the society around us, but to inspire and empower others to do the same.