Julie Elkins

Co-Owner 2017-present

Personal Trainer 2016-present
(818) 249 4628

My name is Julie and I’m one of the owners here at Interactive Fitness Systems (IAFS). I love what I do because I have a passion for helping people! At IAFS I get to see my members reach their goals, gain confidence, and change their lives for the better.  I love inspiring our members to keep going even when they feel like quitting. What could be better than that?

My love for fitness was born in 2011 when I was feeling stuck and frustrated with being unable to hit my goal weight. On a friend’s suggestion, I tried CrossFit. With a lot of work and excellent coaching, I’m proud to be a healthier, happier person because of it. Every day when I arrive at IAFS, I look forward continuing to be a part of our gym’s community. We lift each other up and encourage each other, building confidence and self esteem for the whole team.

If you’re looking for a gym that will help you change your life, give us a call!


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