LA’s Finest Bootcamp

Boot Camp is a 1 hour class that focuses on full body movements. Its purpose is to help deconditioned, overweight, and/or low-strength individuals develop a base from which to build from. LA’s Finest Bootcamp is geared towards people who need a longer on-ramp than our Fundamentals Course or who are not yet ready for our other group classes.


Engaging primarily in bodyweight movements, LA’s Finest Bootcamp’s one-hour classes employ pertinent warm-ups, training progressions designed to build a base of strength, and aerobic training across a spectrum of time domains.
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Mobility and flexibility work along with education toward self-recovery tools are also incorporated as is nutritional education, teamwork and a fun supportive environment.

Muscle Growth

  • We really concentrate on improving your strength and building muscle
    Instructor led
  • Professional coaching with easy to understand instruction
    Community Led
  • Join a group, create a community. We really believe in building your social network through fitness
  • The bootcamps are geared towards working in teams.