Mobility & Flexibility

Tight and Immobile?

Do you struggle with tight muscles, imbalances and inflexibility?
We have the just the tools for you.

IAFS offer a professional stretching coach, a liaison with Optimum Performance Systems—the best movement specialists in town, and an in-house massage therapist to keep muscles flexible and moving properly. Additionally, our entire coaching staff is well-versed in SMR (self myofascial release) techniques as well as a multitude of methods you can use on yourself to speed recovery, promote flexibility and increase range of motion.


The focus of the classes

This is a non-competitive and more relaxed atmosphere than our general classes, and is much more welcoming to individuals who are older and less mobile.


  • With an Optimum Performance Systems Movement Screening, learn to move better
    Stretching Classes
  • Classes that focus on extending muscle groups. Groups you didn’t know you had
    SMR (Self-Myofascial Release) Knowledgeable Coaches
  • Trained SMR Coaches that provide the latest in advice.
    In-House Massage Therapist
  • Fully trained in house therapist for when stretching isn’t enough.