Nutrition is paramount to your health and fitness goals.

The starting point

We guide our clients each step of the way through the process of understanding how to improve their nutrition habits depending on their goals. Want to understand this process?
We also recognize for our general population, eliminating grains, dairy products, legumes (beans and peanuts), vegetable oils, alcohol, and processed foods from the diet are generally a good starting point toward improved health, body composition, and function.


That being said, we are educators, not nutritionists, so our approach is to lay out a framework from which the client can determine what works best for them, while we provide guidance and a network of support.

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Become a master

We will tell our clients that they should be shopping on the periphery of the grocery store, not walking down the aisles; that if a product has an ingredients list, they should be skeptical; that the longer said ingredient list is, the more skeptical they should be; that an unrecognized ingredient is probably 1) a processed additive, 2) another name for sugar, or 3) both; that they should be cautious of terms like “natural flavors”; and that they should, as a general rule, avoid eating out (or at least be willing to be “that guy”) or favor at home cooking. The above stated, we also recognize that, much like with our programming, dietary needs are highly personalized, dependent upon goals, body composition, type, age, metabolic function, etc. As such, our coaching staff is well versed on the topic of nutrition. As a part of our Fundamentals course we offer a healthy eating lecture and Q&A, and we also offer personal services to those looking to get a more in depth look at how they should be eating for their particular needs. For our knowledge in this field we draw from a number of sources, including Chris Kresser, the Weston A. Price Foundation, Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Loren Cordain, Ray Peat, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, and many others. If you are looking for some insight as to what constitutes healthy eating, we encourage you to research these sources, and the scientific literature they base their practices on. For further reading on the subject, we recommend Dallas and Melissa Hartwig’s “It Starts With Food” as an excellent starting point. Below we also offer a number of free and thought provoking articles on the subject and websites to get you started.