We offer programs with a complete solution to your fitness needs.


Tiered level programing from function through performance.



Tiered level programing from function through performance.


Mobility & Flexibility

Not ready for crossfit? We have just the program for you!



Good nutriton contributes to your health and well-being.


USAW – Olympic Lifting

A program offering includes our USAW sanctioned Weightlifting team.


Personal Training

When crossfit isn’t the best fit.


We do not simply lift weights and do random workouts. Our programming is tiered, we assess our clients and place you into groups depending on your goals. Most clients start with Group Training, Progressive Strength Training and Conditioning. OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING is offered to build power, speed andstrength. We offer MOBILITY & FLEXIBILITY, weekly stretching classes, SMR savvy coaches and professional movement specialists. At IAFS we have PERSONAL TRAINING and programs designed for older clientele to athletes wanting a competitive edge.


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