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Interactive Fitness Systems (IAFS) offers a number of different training, consulting, and programming services for in-person and virtual clients.

New client? Start by signing up for your FREE introductory consultation and workout session here. This could be done in person or through a live video chat through Google Hangouts. We can also optimize our time together if you download and fill out the waiver below before the session.

Interactive Fitness Systems at CFS Liability Waiver & Questionnaire – Google Docs

Here’s a list of class options:

Packaging, Pricing and Payment Terms

  1. Totally Committed — 12 month commitment with unlimited Visits for $165**/month
  2. Totally Committed — 12 month commitment with 3 days a week for $145/month
  3. Committed — 6 month commitment with unlimited Visits for $185**/month
  4. Committed — 6 month commitment with 3 days a week for $165/month
  5. Open Gym (must be a approved by staff)  $50/month
  6. BootCamp — (No Fundamentals Req) 12 months 3 x per week for $85/month
  7. BootCamp — (No Fundamentals Req) 6 months 3 x per week for $105/month
  8. BootCamp — (No Fundamentals Req) monthly 3 x per week for $125/month
    Bootcamp – add $20 a month to go unlimited

**Unlimited plans include:
Unlimited Stretching classes ($10/class otherwise)

But First You Must Learn The Basics – Fundamentals Course

The next step is our Fundamentals course. It is a 6 session personal or virtual training course which serves two roles: 1. it gives you a test run of our services for a fraction of the price, 2. it serves as our assessment, education, and on-ramp program for future services. If you’re already certain you want to sign up you can skip your intro and use the form below.

Fundamentals Packages

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We also incentivize our clients with price breaks and more gym access to move through our various levels of training:
Level I: Charged with monthly prices, must attend regular class times
Level II: $20 off monthly pricing + access to open gym
Level III: $40 off monthly pricing (unlimited packages only) + unlimited open access

Private Sessions

  1. Live service (live video coaching, consulting & program design) — $300/month
  2. Interactive service (consulting, video analysis & program design) — $200/month
  3. Program design — $125/month
  4. Team programming — $30/month
  5. Video analysis — first video free, then $10/video or 10 videos for $50

Call for more information on Private Sessions

*Prices are subject to change.

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